Future of Volunteerism: Why you should let your volunteers control their personal data.

We need vetting, but we also need volunteers.

Volunteer tutoring a child

The primary purpose of vetting has been to protect the community and the organization from exposure to bad actors, but the world has evolved and non-profit organizations are now competing for Volunteers. Today a volunteer fills out a form, often on paper, and doesn’t know when the background check was completed and never sees the results. This disconnects the volunteer from the process and produces uncertainty. Volunteers want to take ownership of their experience in volunteering, not just posting the fun stuff to TikTok. Younger generations want to volunteer with more control, and ecosystems of non-profits could be the surprising benefactor.  These days, Gen Z and Millennials often volunteer at multiple entities within the same city or county, but the process is duplicative, time-consuming, and lacks mobile technology.

The solution to the volunteers problem.

Screens from YourCheck app.The solution is to give these users access to their own background check, so they know what it says and can take it with them in their pocket. The mobile platform we have created, the first of its kind, allows anyone to obtain their criminal background check and share the results without risking privacy. The results of the background check are emailed directly to the subject for review and the broad results, clear or not clear, are displayed and available for peer-to-peer sharing on the app. Volunteer coordinators no longer need to handle sensitive information like your date of birth, social security number or where you’ve lived, leading to safer operating procedures for the non-profit and the volunteer. YourCheck reduces the barrier to volunteering by making it easier and empowering the volunteer with their own data to manage. This builds trust with the volunteer and transparency.

What we did and learned.

We conducted a pilot with CAN to gather feedback on our app and learn how people use this information. Having access to your own background check is a powerful feeling, and our testers immediately knew the impact.

“I like this, it’s your info and it puts you at ease. Just being able to see the results is a relief. This is different than seeing your credit report, it’s more exciting. It’s more important…” 

Background checks are more useful than getting to know yourself, our process also helps you to quickly vet and onboard others to your organization.

“I would use it for finding a job, I would try to get an employer to accept it and recommend it be used because it was so simple and easy for the user. I would also use it to help organize an event so I knew who was there with me.” 

We found people want more control over their information, and feel empowered when they have meaningful access to reports they’ve been the subject of, but have never seen. YourCheck sees a future where people are safer and more efficient in both volunteering and hiring, through our mobile platform that reaches users where and when they need help. 


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