About YourCheck.

YourCheck is a limited liability company registered in the state of Michigan and headquartered in Ann Arbor.

Meet our team.

YourCheck leadership is made up of diverse and talented individuals, each bringing a unique set of valuable experiences and perspectives.

Adam Smiddy


Adam Smiddy has
extensive leadership and
intelligence experience after
spending 10 ½ years in the
elite US Army Special
Forces serving overseas for
6 deployments, he also is
pursuing his MBA at the
Ross School of Business.

Michael Skowronski


Mike has extensive
experience in network
engineering, customer
relationship management &
software development for
large enterprise clients and
is pursuing his MBA at the
Ross School of Business.

Toni Suh


Toni has a Bachelor of
Commerce with Honors
from The University of
British Colombia where she
launched a tech-enabled
platform, Avanture, before
attending at the University
of Michigan Law School.

Malcolm Childs


Malcolm is a software
development consultant,
building cross-platform
mobile and web solutions for
large firms utilizing Amazon
Web Services and web