About YourCheck.

YourCheck is a purpose-built tech-enabled platform specifically built for consumers and Gig Workers. Unlike  competitors, this platform brings background checks directly to consumers and Gig Workers. Whereas our competitors are geared towards serving businesses in the employment contexts, YourCheck’s purpose is to empower its users to gain trust and transact online without having to worry about their safety and privacy. 

YourCheck is a limited liability company registered in the state of Michigan and headquartered in Ann Arbor.

Meet our team.

YourCheck leadership is made up of diverse and talented individuals, each bringing a unique set of valuable experiences and perspectives.

Adam Smiddy


Adam Smiddy has
extensive leadership and
intelligence experience after
spending 10 ½ years in the
elite US Army Special
Forces serving overseas for
6 deployments, he also is
pursuing his MBA at the
Ross School of Business.

Michael Skowronski


Mike has extensive
experience in network
engineering, customer
relationship management &
software development for
large enterprise clients and
is pursuing his MBA at the
Ross School of Business.

Toni Suh


Toni has a Bachelor of
Commerce with Honors
from The University of
British Colombia where she
launched a tech-enabled
platform, Avanture, before
attending at the University
of Michigan Law School.

Malcolm Childs


Malcolm is a software
development consultant,
building cross-platform
mobile and web solutions for
large firms utilizing Amazon
Web Services and web