Breaking the Taboo of Asking for a Background Check

Have you ever asked someone you met on a dating app for a background check before agreeing to a first date? What about a local handyperson before allowing them into your home?

Chances are, you have tried alternative methods to verify someone’s identity other than asking for a background check. Asking a stranger to send you their personal information may not always be your first thought or idea of comfort before going on a date or hiring a gig worker. Even asking the question itself can seem taboo and compromising.

Nobody wants to overstep their boundaries with someone they’ve never met before, but asking someone you’ve met online for a background check may be closer to “normal” than you think.

Accurate Alternative to “Social Media Stalking”

One billion names are googled every day, but only 50% of people own their first result.

We are already performing our own “background checks” on each other (and chances are, the person on the other end is searching for you too). Asking someone for a background check is not much different from what we are all already doing on our own accord.

So why not base your search in accuracy?

Social media pages only show you the parts of someone they want you to see, while quick Google searches put you at risk of taking unreliable information as fact.

Solidify your Trust and Transparency 

All good relationships begin with trust, and as people, we like to believe we are our own good judges of someone’s character. You deserve to have reliability in your own judgment and go further than that “gut-feeling,” especially when considering your own safety. 

In an era where we meet more people online than ever before, there is a reasonable need to verify the credibility of someone sitting behind a screen. The pros of feeling confident in your safety and well-being heavily outweigh the cons of stepping out of your comfort-zone and asking for a background check.

It’s easier than you might think

Obtaining a background check can seem like something that is overly formal and not easy to come by for ordinary people, but there are accurate and non-invasive methods to request someone’s information right at your fingertips, and you need to be asking.

YourCheck provides you with the ability to request and receive another person’s background check without asking for their personal information.

You can skip the awkwardness of asking for a stranger’s social security number, but still gain all the information you need to feel secure. 

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